Attention PNB Customers! Ensure task completion within 4 days to prevent account closure.


PNB Customer KYC Update Notice: If you’re a Punjab National Bank account holder, promptly complete this task to prevent potential account closure.

PNB Customer KYC Renewal Notification: As we near the conclusion of 2023 and the start of 2024, it’s essential to note that some important deadlines align with this calendar change. While the new year won’t drastically alter our day-to-day lives, certain banking-related tasks must be completed before the 31st of December, under governmental guidelines.

The deadline of December 18, 2023, is critical for Punjab National Bank (PNB) patrons as they must complete a significant task. Failure to do so may lead to potential account closure or transaction halt under PNB KYC Update regulation. Consequently, it’s essential to accomplish your banking tasks within the given four-day timeframe.

Account holders should fulfill this obligation before December 18th

Punjab National Bank account holders are reminded to update their KYC by December 18, 2023. Notifications about this requirement have been sent out multiple times previously. The bank also utilized its Twitter handle to spread this information, underlining the importance of completing the KYC update by the stated deadline.

Who needs to update their KYC details?

Customers who haven’t refreshed their KYC details in their bank accounts by September 30, 2023, are required to do so. This can be done by visiting their respective bank branches. Additionally, banks offer the convenience of updating KYC details from home.

What are alternative methods for updating KYC?

Other than physically going to your bank, there are several methods for KYC updates. You can opt for PNB’s online banking service or via notifications sent to your registered email. Essential documents for KYC update include identity proof, passport-sized photograph, proof of address, proof of income, Aadhaar card, and PAN card. You can collect these and fill in the required KYC form for submission.

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