Get Away from it All: Cozy MISSOURI Winter Travel Spots


Are you tired of the hustle and bustle of city life? Do you long for a peaceful and cozy winter getaway? Look no further than MISSOURI in winter. This charming Midwestern state offers a variety of travel destinations that are perfect for a winter escape. From snowy landscapes to cozy cabins, MISSOURI has it all. So grab your warmest coat and get ready to explore the best winter travel spots in MISSOURI.

Louis: A Winter Wonderland in the Heart of the City

When winter descends on St. Louis, the city awakens with a vibrant, frosty charm. The city’s heartbeat quickens with the sight of the first snowfall, transforming it into a true winter haven. A skate on the ice rink beneath the iconic Gateway Arch should top your winter itinerary. Imagine yourself gliding on the ice with the arch towering majestically above you—a truly magical experience. As the evening rolls in, let the enchanting glow of brewery lights at the Anheuser-Busch Brewery fill your senses. This captivating spectacle bathes the brewery in warm hues, creating an unforgettable winter sight. Further, the Missouri Botanical Garden creates an ethereal cloak of luminescence during its annual Garden Glow. Millions of shimmering lights breathe life into the garden, turning it into a luminary masterpiece. Your journey through the winter wonderland that is St. Louis promises to be a winter dream come true.

Branson: The Ozark Mountain Christmas

Tucked away in the picturesque Ozark Mountains, Branson transforms into a festive paradise come winter. Imagine a town radiating with the golden glow of over 6.5 million lights and adorned with 1,000 elegantly decorated Christmas trees. This is precisely the mesmerizing spectacle that awaits you at Silver Dollar City during an old-time Christmas. Further, the Trail of Lights beckons with its alluring 2.5-mile journey, each turn revealing whimsical animated displays set against a heartwarming backdrop of nostalgic Christmas melodies. The sheer beauty and rustic charm of a Branson winter are sure to fill your journey with festive cheer, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Kansas City: A Holiday Shopping Paradise

The winter season ushers in a delightful shopping spree in Kansas City. Imagine strolling along the Spanish-styled Country Club Plaza, where the glow of thousands of sparkling lights illuminates your path. This festive spectacle transforms the plaza into a holiday shopping nirvana. With an array of unique stores and high-end boutiques, finding the perfect gift for your loved ones is an enchanting journey rather than a mere task. And while the Plaza’s architecture captivates you, be sure to take a moment to marvel at the Mayor’s Christmas Tree at Crown Center Square. Standing as one of the nation’s tallest, this Christmas tree is not just a sight to behold but a symbol of the city’s holiday spirit. Embark on your winter travels to Kansas City and experience a holiday shopping paradise like no other.

Hermann: A Wine Lover’s Winter Haven

Welcome to Hermann, a winter destination that makes a wine lover’s heart beat a little faster. Nestled along the banks of the Missouri River, Hermann boasts a wine heritage steeped in tradition. Its wineries and vineyards remain open during the frosty winter months, their doors beckoning with promises of robust reds and crisp whites. Step into the warmth of the tasting rooms and let the winter chill melt away with every sip. As you walk along the snow-dusted streets, you’ll discover the old-world charm of the German holiday spirit at the Kristkindl Markt. Stalls brimming with artisan crafts, festive decorations, and local delicacies make for an unforgettable holiday experience. Hermann doesn’t stop there. Embrace the cozy winter ambiance at the Winter Wurstfest, a celebration of German sausage guaranteed to satiate your gastronomic desires. Indeed, a winter sojourn in Hermann offers a wonderful blend of wine, culture, and winter magic.

Rocheport: A Romantic Winter Escape

Rocheport presents an idyllic winter setting, designed for those who crave a peaceful escape. Nestled along the gentle flow of the Missouri River, this quaint town exudes a tranquil allure. Plan an intimate stay at one of the charming B&Bs, where the cozy ambiance perfectly complements the frosty landscape outside. Take a leisurely stroll through the Rocheport Historic District, soaking in the town’s rich history with every snow-crunching step. The snow-blanketed Katy Trail offers a serene spot for a winter walk; its quiet beauty is a welcome contrast to the season’s typical hustle and bustle. Conclude your day with a romantic dinner at Les Bourgeois Vineyards, savoring exquisite cuisine and locally produced wine against a backdrop of panoramic river views. Rocheport, with its calm winter vibe, offers a quintessential retreat for those seeking a romantic winter getaway.

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